The Arguments I Have In My Head …

The Arguments I have in my head …

When people say cultural appropriation is just cultural exchange, and then compares it to Western companies selling polo shirts to the cultures they appropriated from … It just makes me want to cut a bitch. 

The Western companies who own polo shirt designs are giving consent to sell these polo shirts, and then they are getting money for it. What are the cultures being appropriated from getting out of it, gross stereotypes, misrepresentation of their cultural identity … ? And did they give consent? 

Then some asshole is bound to cry: “but if we suddenly stop selling them polo shirts, and say it’s because we didn’t want to sell to these people, we would be called racists”. 

Damn well you are racists, cuz you shouldn’t have barged onto their land, declare it as America, and then sell them these shirts to begin with, they were doing fine without it, before you began imploding media into their land to tell them that’s what they need in order to “make it” in a society you have created. 

Now, even if colonial domination is not as widespread in name anymore, if you don’t think it’s in the global economy, then you are a fool.

And you know what, don’t speak in hypotheticals, that ain’t doing shit and is diverging from the problem, cuz I’m talking about the issues now, not some hypothetical conjured up image in your mind. 

So in summary, ask before you take, and know to take no as an answer, and then BACK THE FUCK OFF. Gods, rules that probably every teeny bopper cartoon has ever been spreading, and yet you have grown men in suits who go scratching their heads when you take the rules out of the play room.

And no it is not the same thing with western culture, not when you decided to spread your shit all over the globe now, and is still doing so, because you believe your shit is best. You’ve dug a hole for yourself so deep that now you wanna cry “foul”, and “give me back my stuff”. Too late, should have thought of that before you decided to spread your stuff all over the goddamn place to begin with. Now it’s so entrenched everywhere that you can’t even begin to diverge and try to take it back, because it is weaved into the cultures you’ve conquered.

And before you go and complain about how you shouldn’t be blamed for the faults of your ancestors. I’m not saying you should either, but the issues from your fore bearers, and the benefits you are reaping because of their actions didn’t stay with your fore bearers now did they? So do stop being an asshole, sit down, listen, and help unravel the shit that is still going on today because of your forebearers. 

And, what, I’m just jealous because of your “benefits”, yeah of course I am, because your benefits come at my detriment you little shit, so of course I mma be “jealous” and want to even it out a bit.

AND stop trying to take the lead in the battle against institutionalized and systematic racism, because guess what?! You ain’t it’s main victims, so you don’t know what it feels like, so you aren’t suited to take the lead in painting a new picture. 

AND I’m so sorry white boy that you were discriminated against in that latina community you were living in. But guess what? The fact that a Latina “village” that is concentrated and hostile towards outside forces exists, it’s because they were pushed into that “village”. The hostility you felt in that village, is the same hostility that they feel when they step out of that village. 


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